January 16, 2012

Siide.com Launches

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Today I’m proud to announce my first Startup since leaving BUYSEASONS is launching in its final form.  The first version was scrapped before it even went live; too complex and too many unknowns. Our second version was sort of a Woot meets daily job; this was a huge leap forward as we managed to get out a MVP in record time and confirm that people want to work differently and on their own schedule.  Our most recent version attempts to bridge the gap between the micro-workforce and real Employers who can benefit from a large, ready to work pool of resources which can be hired in minutes to do a specific task or job.  Quiet simply Siide is attempting to tear down the walls which separate Employees and Employers.  This isn’t a shift of power from one group to the other, Siide.com is more that that, it’s a whole new way to work and get things done.  Think of us as cloud computing meets human productivity.  Bosses can “spool up” employees and Employees can be available to work on their terms, on their schedule and only on projects they want to do.

While I’m proud of what we’re launching today, I am well aware the site has many limitations.  The days of building something huge and launching it all at once is a relic of  the Web 1.0 mindset. Today getting a MVP out fast and efficiently takes precedence.  But, I promise if you continue to support us and believe as I do you’ll see us rapidly implement new features and functionality.







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