December 2, 2011

What a year.

One year ago today I left BUYSEASONS to pursue other opportunities.  Many people were curious why I left when the company was growing and expanding.  Well, legal battles aside I can safely say that today, one year after leaving I’m happy I did so.  Not because BUYSEASONS has stumbled (they’ll get past that), not because my next venture is on fire, but because like many entrepreneurs I can only go so long before wanting to start something new.  There is far less glamor when you start over; I take out my own trash, I enter the payroll, I distribute the products and so on.  The things I do today are very different than the things I did the last few years at BUYSEASONS, and I’m thankful for it. Not because I derive more joy today than I did a year ago, but because I’ve come to appreciate what it means to have a great team of people supporting me, what it means to trust that others will take care of the “real work” while I plan for the future, what it means to build something together.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always believed BUYSEASONS’ greatest asset  are the employees, but in this last year I’ve come to really appreciate that long held belief.


So today, one year out of my old venture and equally into my next I would like to thank all those from BUYSEASONS who got me to this point, and my current team; Jason, Stuart, Rick and Brendan for helping me find the next great thing. These are not easy times, but they are exciting.


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